Tronix - About Us

Tronix commitment to customer value, to our team, to being direct, to operating responsibly and, ultimately, to winning, continues to differentiate us from our competitors. was established in October of 2001 to serve the needs of computer users. From those early days we have grown to where we are today but our success has been built upon a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family. From the beginning, our top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers understand how technology could help them. We've always invited intelligent, courteous men and women to staff our call center; to answer your questions, make recommendations and deliver solutions. We stock our web site with the latest products, the best deals---and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself. We are proud of each and every member of our staff, because they make the difference.


The Customer Comes First

Just because we offer the industry's lowest prices doesn't mean we skimp on service. In fact, it is because we take care of our customers and you continue to support us with your business - that we're able to use our buying power to get you the best deals. So when you call us or log onto our web site, you're doing business with a company that is enthusiastic about its products, and about matching our customers with the items that they need. And we intend to continue serving you. Every day.


Why use Tronix?

There are a lot of reasons to come to for your electrical product needs. We've got a massive selection of goods - over 1000 items in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse facility. From Cameras to Laptops, Computers to Gadgets, Tablets to Mobiles - products that are leading the way in the market place and priced competitively to give you the best deals


Our Staff

Our people are, and have always been our greatest asset. If we had to make the choice between the absolute best in technology and mediocre people or great people and mediocre technology, we'd choose great people every time. Hands down. Fortunately, we don't have to make that choice. We've combined great people with great technology and that means a satisfying and pleasant experience for you. It starts with a professional, courteous, patient and knowledgeable person on the phone. We can help you whether you're buying your first computer, your first camera, or just purchasing one of the hundreds of products we stock whether you are an individual or a large corporation. Our people are ready to help you, they are the best in the industry-and we are proud of each and every one of them. In fact, until they are certified and trained by our customer service and sales leaders, they won't even have the opportunity to take your call.


Our Guarantee

We want you to be confident in both your purchase and aftersales support. We have the resources to get you what you need, when you need it - along with the culture of customer care that will make it an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. We guarantee it.