Anki Cozmo Collector's Edition Liquid Metal Robot

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Brand: ANKI
Colour: Grey
Warranty: 3 Months Seller Warranty
Condition: DSR
Condition Note: "This Item is customer returns and in Good condition, and does come with standard accessories."

The Anki Cozmo Collector's Edition Liquid Metal Robot is the sweet spot where supercomputer meets loyal sidekick. The robot is curiously smart and a little mischievous. This little robot can express hundreds of emotions, recognize you and remember your name with AI (Artificial Intelligence). The robot has four motors and over fifty gears. The 30fps VGA camera and facial recognition software let it remember interactions. You’ll never have to guess how Cozmo is feeling. The robot wears his heart right on his 128 x 64 resolution facial display. It is ideal for kids as well as adults also and compatible with iOS or Android devices.


The Cozmo robot is made of 300+ parts that create one super smart and entertaining robot. With edge detection.

Fearless Explorer

The robot features Explorer Mode with which you can see what Cozmo sees. You can guide this robot to go places, prompt him to greet people and pets.

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Type Toy Robot
Camera 30fps VGA camera
Display 128 x 64 resolution facial display
Compatible iOS & Android