Sony Alpha A7S Full Frame 4K Mirrorless Video Recording Camera

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Brand: Sony
Colour: Black
Warranty: 2 Year Seller Warranty
Sensor: CMOS
Processor: BIONZ X Image]




Sony’s α7S E-mount Camera comes with groundbreaking and professional features to define new limits of photography. The camera comes with 12.2 MP 35mm Exmor CMOS technology to provide exceptional control for detailed depth of views. The stunning high ISO of 409,600 allows you to record your best moments without external flash requirements. The stunning camera comes with BIONZ®(tm) X processor to provide you close to nature and breathtaking realistic images, more affluent tonal gradations and low noise to capture your images and videos in sharp resolution. Enhanced professional features such as 0.5-inch electronic viewfinder, multiple recording formats, gamma setting, XAVC S format, clear HDMI output, remote shooting control and easily handle body structure add to the beauty and performance of Sony’s α7S E-mount Camera. The brilliance of the camera is sure to enhance your photographic skills to pro levels with ease and user-friendliness.


Sony’s α7S E-mount Camera comes with dynamic 12.2 MP 35mm Exmor CMOS technology to provide 50 times wider surface area as compared to orthodox compact camera systems. The wider surface area provides immeasurably enhanced sensitivity for low-light shoots along with excellent control for detailed depth of views. The camera is your best companion for travelling and professional shoots for taking images form portraits to the landscape. The camera is loaded with built in ultimate and professional photographic tools and features that will define new limits of creativity, comfort and elegance for your photographic results.

High ISO Sensitivity

The camera comes with Full-Frame Sensor allows you to enhance the quality of your images and video capturing capabilities with ultimate high sensitivity from dynamic high  ISO range of 50 to 409,600 for images and 100 to 409,600 for videos. The stunning high ISO allows you to record your best moments without non-natural lights and employs stunning fast shutter speeds for motion freezing and low light conditions making it ideal and highly compatible for dynamic motion capturing and overcast days.

BIONZ® X Processor

The camera comes with all the groundbreaking technologies that are required to convert light captured by sensor to a stunning digital photograph. The processing technology that is required to achieve this should be as powerful as the lens and high-resolution sensor. The camera is embedded with the powerful BIONZ®(tm) X processor to provide you enhanced image details, breathtaking realistic images, more affluent tonal gradations, and low noise to capture your images and videos.

Video versatility

The camera allows you to record the best moments of your life in high-resolution videos compatible to adapt, with a wide range of video formats available. Record your best moments at mesmerizing high-bitrates for AVCHD or XAVC S codecs enabling easy and swift edits and playbacks for big screens.

Gamma setting

 The camera is embedded with S-Log2 a Sony gamma setting, an intellectual property of Sony that is an essential tool for commercial video equipment. This grand technology is a vital tool for professional videographers that thrives them to discover the best generation post-editing facility. The gamma setting technology even allows up to 14 dynamic range stops and sufficient latitude for capturing detail resolution for dark shadows and torching bright sunlight.

Crystal Clear HDMI output

The camera comes with next-generation monitoring and recording of uncompressed videos by incorporating crystal clear HDMI output. Concurrently record your favorite videos installed memory cards and playback them smoothly in user friendly formats.  The camera also allows you to play your videos in an external recorder with personalized formats and bitrates delivering definitive professional capabilities for post-production flexibility.

Full-frame moviemaking

With Sony’s α7S E-mount Camera record professional level of quality moviemaking like a child’s play. Get amazed with the flexible options to incorporate external audio and record additionally off-board video monitors and controls .Define new limits of photography challenges and inspirations with personalized content, as the camera will guide along your photography journey, to record the best shots and videos for visual storytelling.

XAVC S format

The camera provides stunning high-bitrates for XAVC S format enabling you to capture beyond reality graphics for videos. Apart from providing unbelievable quality, XAVC S is engineered from XAVC formats that is widely incorporated by expert moviemakers and videographers to provide sharp data compression offering user-friendly edits and file sizes at 50Mbps.

Super slo-mo video

Shoot streaming videos in Super-35 mm equivalent (APS-C) crop mode, as the camera chains 120 fps high-frame-rate shoots delivering HD resolution with a dynamic 1280 x 720 pixels. This extraordinary potential enhances your video communicating options as video shots at this amazing frame rate can be utilized for 24p playback to provide eye-catching 5x slow-motion visuals effects.

Preshoot settings

The camera enables Fine-tuning of videos before they are recorded and adjusts black level, black gamma and gamma radiations. The camera also provides various color adjustment modes such as color tone, color mode, intensity, and depth and other cool and professional modes to enhance your photographic results. Keep an account of your preferred settings and make them profiles for future usage.

 Antidust system

Feel free to use Sony’s α7S E-mount Camera, as the camera is loaded antidust mechanism that has built in technology to vibrate automatically whenever you switch off the camera and removes even tiny dist particles on the image sensor to provide you blemish-free results. In addition to that , feel free to change your lenses as an antistatic coating protects dust settling when you are changing your lens.

XGA OLED Tru-Finder

The camera allows you to real-time reviewing of your camera settings and effects when you are using the viewfinder. In contrast to orthodox optical viewfinders, assemble black-and-white photos and achieve mentoring and control of exposure adjustments before you press the shutter. Additionally, with enhanced features such as 100% frame coverage, peaking function, wide-angle views, focus magnification and user-friendly information display mode achieve new limits of photographic experience.

Hybrid Autofocus

The camera is embedded with an enhanced and updated Fast Hybrid Autofocus (AF) system that consists of many cool features such as Spatial Object Detection, AF contrast-detection, AF phase detection and AF, working together flawlessly to achieve new limits of photographic experience specially for motion photography with razor-sharp results.

 Tilting LCD screen

The camera comes with ultimate High-resolution 3 inch LCD screen that has built-in tilting functionality and allows ideal framing of your overhead and low light views that were once considered impossible.

 Dust and moisture resistance

The camera has been specifically designed to incorporate durability-enhancing techniques that include seals around dials and buttons.  The camera houses a double-layered protective body structure to ensure tight interlocking of panels and built-in components.

Audio recording

 The camera allows direct monitoring of sound by using built-in headphone jack while recording movies and playbacks.  The camera also provides audio screen level monitoring and connectivity with professional audio mixers and microphones with the elective XLR terminal adapter kit.

 Magnesium alloy body

 The camera has been structured form the world's lightest metal, magnesium alloy, and weighs only 17.25 oz with battery. The supreme lightweight surpasses all other cameras in terms of weight and provides enhanced durability.

Quick Navi Pro and custom buttons

 The camera provides Quick Navi Professionals displays for all requisite shooting options on the LCD for rapid confirmation and adjustments of settings without the need of scrolling menus. Customize and assign functions to the buttons of your choice and needs as per your ease.

Substantial, ergonomic grip

 The camera offers utmost portability and is 25 times less bulky than DSLRs, but still provides all day shooting ease with a full-size grip.

Remote shooting and Sharing

Exceptional features such as on touch remote control shooting via NFC enable you to capture amazing motion and still shots using compatible smartphones and tablets working as a viewfinder. The camera also enables direct image sharing to your favourite apps via wifi and NFC.


  The camera comes with high power NP-FW50 W-series Rechargeable Battery with up to380 shots battery life for all day photography experience.

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