DRONE N BASE The Battle & Racing Drone Gaming Platform Single/Multi Player

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  • 3-axis Gyroscope
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Stabilization System
  • Flight Time Up to 8Min
  • Colour LED Display
  • Speaker For Sound Effects




 Drone N Base


 1 Year Seller Warranty




Drone N Base Gaming Platform offers you the most immersive indoor drone gaming experience intended precisely for an enchanted indoor augmented reality experience. The gaming platform offers a truly enhanced reality game mode for a single player filled with various amplified motion gestures and graphics and that will dazzle your heart. The gaming platform allows you to extend single player games to multiplayer games for more immersive action. Get amazed with the racing games and challenge your friends in multiple game modes. If you do not know how to fly a drone, the gaming platform will teach you how to fly a drone more and more academically. The gaming platform allows you to expand the range of your creativity for racing games and gives you the opportunity to add more spice and color to racing games. The gaming platform allows you to play an entertaining shooting game and capture shots through really dynamic 3D acrobatics. Get all this and much more with the Drone N Base Gaming Platform.

Immersive Indoor gaming experience

Drone N Base Gaming Platform is designed to be the ultimate and most entertaining and immersive indoor drone designed specifically for a deluxe and immersive gaming experience. The gaming platform really enhances the reality game experience with stunning graphical results and gimmicks.

Augmented Reality

Drone N Base is the most entertaining experience in the world with a gaming platform that features a variety of enhanced reality graphics such as dynamic laser shots and reality explosions that will dazzle your heart.

Learn to Fly Your Drone

Learn to fly the drone step with your safety, drone safety and subsequent training, become an expert to operate the drone at high speeds. Training exercises are designed to be engaging and engaging so that you can experience the magic of the learning process.

Fly Your Drone

The gaming platform offers 8 minutes of flight time and 30 meters range. The gaming platform is also embedded to provide a 400Hz stabilization system and is based on infrared shooting and receiving technology.

Multi-Game Mode

The single-player game can be expanded into multiplayer games with the drone n base gaming platform, which will amaze you and your game mates with its uniqueness and ultimate experience beyond reality. The gaming platform will definitely immerse you in virtual reality and you will definitely enjoy your game for hours. The gaming platform gives you many options to play with your drone or with other players against your drone through increased reality game experience.

Racing games

The gaming platform allows you to play beyond reality thrilling races at high checkpoints and incredible power-ups in your living room, giving you an attractive virtual augmented reality experience.

Multiplayer race

With the Drone N Base gaming platform, you have the opportunity to select power-ups and checkpoint bases to suit your game needs and game complexity. Develop a unique and challenging track by choosing the base in Freeze Power or Nitro mode to add more spice and adventure to your racing games.

Dynamic 3D Acrobatics

Add a thrill to your racing track by turning on the shooting mode and shoot your sporting opponents to slow down. The gaming platform allows you to play an entertaining shooting game and really feel the shots and shock you into reality when someone shoots or kills you through dynamic 3D acrobatics. The incredible 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer are fabulously integrated into the gaming platform, providing enhanced gaming gimmicks.

Dynamic Speakers

The gaming platform also offers color LED displays and dynamic speakers for sound effects.

Physical description

The gaming system comes in super sleek dimensions of 172 x 170 x 42.3 mm and weighs just 70 grams for maximum easy and light carrying experience.

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ManufacturerDrone N Base
Warranty1 Year Seller Warranty
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Type Gaming Drone
Flight Time Up to 8 Minutes
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Range Up to 30 Meters
Sensors 3-axis Gyroscope
3-axis Accelerometer
System 400Hz Stabilization System
Battery 550mAh Lithium-Polymer 3.7V [2 Pcs included]
Dimensions 172 x 170 x`42.3 mm
Weight 70 g
Technology Infrared Shooting and Receiving
Display Colour LED Display
Speaker Speaker For Sound Effects
Charging System 2 Port intelligent Charging Battery System
Power Can Be Powered by Battery or USB Cable
Use Can be used as Power-up Shooting Target Battle Flag Racing Checkpoint etc.