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Tronix Computers wishes to provide its customers with top-notch services, high-quality products and economical pricing. If you’ve got any doubts about this, then we’re ready to accept the challenge!

Why Should You Choose Tronix Computers?

Tronix Computers is committed to offering you the best in consumer electronics and usage. Our excellent customer service and dedicated staff ensure that all your transactions are smooth.
With them, by your side, there is no need for any dilly-dallying over the purchase. You can expect to get your hands on exclusive deals and the best pricing available in the country. And this is our promise!

What’s a Price Promise?

Tronix Computers guarantees that we sell the best products at affordable prices. We hope that our price tags keep you happy and you don’t have to look anywhere else for your electronics.
From smartphones, laptops, tablets to personal desktops ― we’ve made sure that everything here is budget-friendly.
Nevertheless, if you find a lower price on any of our product at our competitor’s store, then we’re ready to match that. Or better yet, lower our pricing further! Doesn’t that sound like a deal worth fighting for?
However, like most things in life, this guarantee comes with a string of rules.

Our Rules

The team has comprised a strict code of conduct for the price matching service. This ensures that the transactions are fair, and no one gets to cheat their way through the purchase. With that being said, our rules still ensure that the customers are always at an advantage.

Let’s have a look at our terms and conditions:
  • The offer is only valid during the time of purchase.
  • Competitor’s prices will be eligible for the match if it comes from the same brand (this includes model number and colour).
  • Our price promise only includes new arrivals and purchases. We won’t accommodate any clearance items, electronic parts or open-box items for this service.
  • Only one item can be price-matched per purchase.
  • Sale and discount items from other retailers can’t won’t qualify for this service.
  • We don’t accept prices from unauthorised retailers and off-shore companies.

Disclaimer: Our terms and conditions might change over time. Always make sure to read the rules when you compete for a price match.

We promise to abide by these rules.
You won’t see us backing out of this price match challenge.
Do you wish to test us?