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Where to Buy

We know that buying with confidence is a very important aspect of why and how people purchase their items. We want you to be happy in how and where you purchase so have several other options of how you can buy from us.


Buy on Amazon

We are priviledged to sell on Amazon the same products as can be found on tronixcomputers.com. This means that if you have an account on Amazon you can buy the same product using the Amazon website.


You can find all Tronix products here on our Amazon shop page. or buy clicking on the image below ...


Buy from Tronix on Amazon


Some of these items are Fulfilled by Amazon meaning that Amazon will ship direct to your door some of our items using their own delivery services so if this is what you prefer then feel free to do this.


Buy on Ebay

We also sell many of our items on Ebay - so if you want to use Ebay to make your purchase we have made it easy for you to do this. Simply click on the image below and you will be taken to our Ebay Shop


Buy from Tronix on Ebay



Wherever you buy your item - we know you will be happy with your purchase. We also want to thank you for trusting us and know you will not be dissapointed.


We hope also that you will appreciate that as a business your oppinion matters - so if you would be so kind we would like to ask that you leave a review of the product purchased. You can find the reviews at the bottom of the product page. This can be any way you like but we are interested very much in why you bought your item and what you think of it so that others can benefit from your experience also.


Once again a big Thank You for buying from tronixcomputers.com - we appreciate your custom

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